i had to vent. cause im pissed. please excuse the language :/

I’m fucking sick and tired of your bullshit
You tell me to tell you how I feel
And once I start telling you
You instantly shut me out and yell at me for playing the “guilt trip”
You don’t even act like a best friend
You only use me for your pleasure
You use me for my car
You use me for my contacts
The only time I exist is when you need something
You never ask me how I’m doing
You made fun of my heart being broken
You made fun of my father going missing
And you made fun of my grandmother for having cancer

I need new friends
Better friends
I need to meet people
That are not like you

Oh, and wee man also listens to We Own The Sky and other Arizonian screamo bands hahah

Screw me sideways

I found out I have a cavity. OMFG THERE'S NO POINT IN LIVING. This is worse than when my boyfriend broke up with me. Screw him though. I'll teepee his house later

Ugh. Worst night ever.

So my mom grabs a hold of my phone and decides to call my ex-boyfriend. 6 times. He probably thinks I want him back now, when in reality, I don't. At all. He's a jerk and a horndog. Teehee. But after finding out about what my mother did, I was already in a slightly pissed off mood. She doesn't even understand english, so I can't even communicate with her, and what was she doing with my phone? I hop into the shower and hope that the water will rinse off my sour attitude, but far from it. In the middle of the shower my older brother starts banging on the door and yells at me to let him in. I turn the water off, wrap a towel around me, and open the door. He charges in... just to use the mirror. I asked if he couldn't just use another bathroom, or if he could have just waited a little bit. He looks at me and starts yelling at me and calling me these horrible names. And this is my older brother. My older brother used to be my idol. He was smart, popular, and charismatic. But now, he's only friendly to his friends. When it comes to me, the worst side of him comes out. Now I don't know who he is anymore. And after all that name calling, I came to a realization. I've been pushed around and treated unfairly for my whole entire life. I guess it's part of my culture - the first born son, my older brother, gets everything. He gets the acceptance, the nice gifts, he gets to do whatever he wants. He doesn't have to clean up after himself... that's my job. I, as the 16 year old younger sister, clean up after my brother, clean up after my father, clean up after my mother, and all I get is scolding. I always do something wrong. And with my cousins, too. When I got my car, I try to take them out to lunch, because honestly, I love sharing and I love making people happy. But when I ask them to go out to lunch, they call me these terrible names and yell at me to get out of their house. And I don't know what I did wrong. All I'm asking... is to know what I did wrong.

I want to make people happy, and if making people happy means that I make myself miserable... then I guess that's how God wants it to be.


Some forums are just full of funny people: www.coachella.com/forum/showthread.php


Holy crap. Just came back from the concert. I was invited by the lead singer of City in the Sea, Todd Reitmyer. Here's his facebook: www.facebook.com/#!/treitmyer

10 local Arizona bands performed at the Royal Rumble: Loren Battle, We Own The Sky, The Irish Front, The Fair and Debonair, City In The Sea, Approaching Skylight, The Rendering, The Kings Divide, Viscilla, and Covine.

I had so much fun at this concert! It was worth being spit on by the singers, getting water thrown at your face, being pushed and shoved, and getting your feet stepped on. If you're into any kind of christian screamo music, you'll definitely enjoy City in the Sea.


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